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We have paired up with a very inspiring, local Marine Biologist to combine art and conservation to help us spread our message of ocean love and protection.

Marine biologist (and full time ocean lover) Jessica, paired with a team of like-minded individuals that are dedicated to researching the impacts of human behaviour on this fragile ecosystem. 

Years of pollution, overfishing and general disrespect for the ocean has lead to a drastic decline in ocean biodiversity and abundance, with more than 2,270 species listed as endangered or threatened by the Endangered Species Act. Ocean acidification and the impacts of climate change having a growing impact on marine ecosystems, it is essential that we confront the impacts of human behaviour and return the ocean to its clear, natural state.

Leah’s mark x Clear tides aims to spread love for our oceans through Leah’s beautiful artworks while promoting ocean protection and conservation through Clear Tides beach clean mission. To help save our oceans and all the magical animals that call it home, Leah is generously donating 10% of all marine prints sold to Clear Tides Organisation! 

“With every purchase you help keep our oceans plastic free”